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While being open to the world and recognised as expert in its field, the Office Notarial Paris République has always taken great care to recruit and develop talent. Integrating new recruits from day one, offering top quality training and development in a specialised area and, at the same time, introducing new areas of law and teaching the notarial profession in a transversal way.

Autonomous, yet supported, with the most powerful legal research tools at their disposal, as well as being in direct contact with their clients, the staff at the Office Notarial Paris République refer to the practice as a place which offers an opportunity to thrive professionally.

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When asked what motivated our staff to join the Office Notarial Paris République, they responded unanimously that they found a subtle combination of a willingness on the part of the partners to transmit their knowledge and offer a rigorous training together with the energy they use to share best practice and showcase their talents.

Other than its multidisciplinary nature, they view the size and the history of the practice as a key asset. They have easy access to each other, while benefitting from the support of a well-structured organisation with a proven track record.

They view each new matter as an opportunity to improve their skills and they speak of self-fulfilment and intellectual stimulation in a world which combines ethics, strong involvement and a desire for excellence for their clients.